My time at Heritage was precious because i was able reflect on my life. In Korea, I was selfish and even viewed my friends as competitors. Here, I learned the value of co-operation and supporting my fellow students in succeeding to enter university. During the initial counselling with Peter, he gave me details about my course of studies and what I needed to succeed in my goal. From that moment, I started to learn.    

At my very final exam, I asked the principal to make a private chemistry class an extracurricular class, to which Hannah excitedly said yes. I asked my friends in other high schools, and they said that their schools would not have agreed to this kind of request. That is why Heritage is such a special school. They actively try to develop and support your educational plans.



What meaning is Heritage to you? Heritage was a school that help me to realized that you must really try and give in all your effort to achieve for something you really desire in life and that not everyone is going support the choices you make along the way.

 Starting from the first day of school starting at heritage to my last day at Graduation I was able to experience something that I would not have been able to experience anywhere else. Even though all the experience the I have been through wasn’t all that great. I just want to thank the teachers for helping me to be the person I am today.



Which teacher was the most memorable at HIS and why? 

I found that all of my teachers were amazing, both on a personal and professional level. I also heard great things about the other teachers from my colleagues. 



Congratulation! She got admission to Ryerson University (Business Management, Business Technology Management) ! May God continue to bless you!



Congratulation! You must be proud that you got accepted to the York University (Information Technology)

Praise the Lord, for the LORD is good sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant!
God made you special. 

May His spirit continue to inspire and direct you. Information Technology 



Which course was the most memorable course at HIS and why? 

The Business course was the most memorable for me. Rather than relying heavily on textbooks, this course was taught using various methods, such as seminars and debates.  These methods made my studies a lot more interesting.

What was your most memorable moment at HIS and why?

My most memorable moment was when the students got to create their own video advertisements for HIS. As someone who wants to go into a related field, I found this very memorable because I was able to gain field experience from this exercise.