Lower School (SK to Grade 5)

After-School Program Highlights

  •  Three Semester Programs
  • Unique experiences in the Arts such as Fine Arts, Orchestra, and Musical
  • Help students's intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth
  • Enlarge students' potential to broaden their future horizons
  • Find ways to explore and express in the Arts to discover and interpret the world
  • Creative, inspirational, customized instruction
  • Participation in the Arts contributes to students' learning
    All instructors are professional experts
  • Private or Group lessons are available


Draw out the dreamer in you!

Explore your creativity with

Arts professionals

that have showcased

their talents around the world.

English & Math

English Reading Program (Literature Study)

HIS Academic Program delivers hundreds of interactive, leveled actual books and eBook, spanning 29 levels

At HIS, We believe that reading is of paramount importance for the preparation of post-secondary education and  careers. The students should be exposed to an extensive collection of texts from diverse cultures, time  periods, and genres to broaden their perceptions. These texts should also be informational and appropriately challenging to stimulate students’ minds.  Reading with different styles and structures from all subject areas will help  our students become well-rounded scholars that are knowledgeable in many fields. Our reading program will help  students develop good reading habits, such as reading independently and critically analyzing and comprehending  content.  Reading will also expand students’ vocabulary and develop their writing abilities.

Upon the completion of texts, they will solidify their understanding of the material by writing summaries, being  evaluated on content, form opinions and present it in different approaches to express their creativity, such as making  power points, writing essays, making books, and presenting in front of their peers.  


Experience HIS's interactive, online Math Support Program that enhances our personalized academic plans

​Mathematics is a vital part of a student's academic career that can help enrich their futures. At HIS, we make it our goal to ensure that student's are given opportunities to develop long-term mathematical skills that can exceed provincial standards. Students will be able to apply their acquired knowledge to real-world applications and problems. Through various learning resources and materials, we assist student's in achieving personal goals, developing more efficient study skills, and discovering their academic boundaries.