Leadership Program

The focus of the student leadership program at HIS is “Servant Leadership”. We offer remarkable leadership opportunities for each student in every aspect of school life. Students will discover many chances to serve on committees and grow as leaders in academics, the arts and community service throughout the year. This leadership program exists not only for the benefit of the individual student leaders but for the society at large. Most importantly, the individual leadership influence flows from a healthy and growing relationship with God and a clear understanding of our identity in Christ. Building upon a spiritual foundation, students will learn communication skills that will enhance their relationships with friends, family, and people around them.  

Students serve as appointed or elected leaders in the following areas.

 - Class leader
 - After-class assistant
 - Worship band leader
 - Social Activity leader 

HIS has partnered up with a professional counsellor who using MBTI, MMTIC, Enneagram, SCT, HTP instruments in tandem in the classroom can help both teachers and students to understand that differences are natural and appropriate and that some kind of accommodation should be made for these diverse communications and learning styles.

Throughout the school year, we test student’s development based on their academic achievement and overall learning progress, intellectually and socially.