Heritage International School offers four different camps, with different locations and purposes


Mission Camp

Mission Camp is a summer camp where students will have the opportunity to go to third world countries to support and volunteer for the people.  Students will be asked to engage in community building and evangelizing activities.  Students are encouraged to spread God’s love and see the world in a different perspective. 

Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp is open to all who wish to improve their leadership skills.  Leadership has proven to be a vital and valuable soft skill for the workforce.  This camp will develop students’ self-confidence and challenge students’ comfort zones and to work in cooperation with their fellow peers. 

March Break Public Speaking Camp

March Break Public Speaking Camp is one week program. This program will develop speaking skills within each student. We will teach young students how to properly express themselves in front of an audience by researching and presenting about an important world issue. 

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is divided into two types. The first is an educational camp that is learning-oriented; students will engage in activities with an educational purpose.  The second is an activity-oriented summer camp, where students will be involved in sports, outdoor adventures, and many more exciting events.  

Winter Camp

Winter Camp will take place in certain countries such as the Philippines or regions in South Asia with warmer climates during the winter season or we do here at HIS offers students to experience regular school life with local students. This camp serves  an educational purpose, for those students who have a passion for learning during their winter breaks.  At HIS, we believe in more than educational learning, so we believe this camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore new cultures and develop friendships from across the world.